Моя основаная деятельность в качестве предпринимателя, интернет, медиа и информационные проекты.
My IT business experience started in 1996, when I was a cofounder of the DION Megapolis startup. Since then, I have been in the IT business for more than twenty years.
Internet-based and media projects

The Web-based city site of Nizhny Novgorod was one of the first city portals in Russia. It was created by Mikhail Iosilevitch and myself in summer 1999 and soon won leading positions in the Internet market of Nizhny Novgorod. It still has the highest Web traffic in the region.

NN.RU was one of the first sites to introduce elements of social networking and gamification in serving its visitors.

After twelve years in business, it was sold to the international company Hearst & Shkulev Media and joined the Russian network of city sites managed by this company.

My roles in the project ranged from the cofounder to the First Director (for two years), and Technical Director.

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e-commerce platform and buyers' club
FedSP ("sovmestnaya pokupka")
It is a regional e-commerce platform operating in the Nizhny Novgorod, Sverdlovsk, and Novosibirsk oblasts (provinces). Only in the Nizhny Novgorod oblast it cooperates with more than 700 wholesale sellers via more than 20 outlets, being an acknowledged leader in its niche.

In terms of its turnover, FedSP surpasses not only online sites, but also many networks in the FMCG segment.

My roles: cofounder, mentor, investor

The result is a living and evolving project.
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Publishing House for regional business media
Birzha +
The Birzha Publishing House in Nizhny Novgorod publishes several newspapers and a magazines, and maintains an information Web site. I purchased it as a reputable enterprise with good content-generating traditions. However, it was burdened with debts, non-core property, and management problems. The company was reorganized, and the products, relaunched, including a totally new product, the Web site. In 2012, the company was sold to an energy producing holding in Nizhny Novgorod.

My roles: owner, director

Result: successful exit

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City site, a social network of a metropolis
The project was launched in Moscow and worked in 2005-2007. Basing on the successful experience of as a city site, was to become a head site at the start of a national network of city sights. In 2006, had an ambitious monthly audience of 1 800 000 visitors. However, project funding was terminated by the investor and main owner due to in-house considerations.

My roles: cofounder, project director

Result: project closure
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Mobile application: interactive database
for phone subscriber rating
This project and the resulting mobile application for all main mobile phone platforms allows the user to maintain a cloud-based rating system of phone subscriber reputation for the purposes of personal data safety and filtration of incoming calls. It has already won popularity not only with mobile phone users, but also with many journalists.

Currently, Numbuster is the leader of its market niche in Russia and Kazakhstan, and its database includes over 700 mln phone numbers.

My roles: founder, first investor

Result: living and evolving project
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Educational platform for learning foreign languages
from native speakers
i2iStudy is an educational online platform for learning foreign languages. Platform users act alternately as students or teachers (native speakers), while the exchange is services is organized on the "time bank principle".

The education is based on the interactive methodology prepared by the project team in cooperation with educational linguists. The learning materials are built into the project site equipped with the online videoconferencing tools.

My role: cofounder, first investor

Result: living and evolving project
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Service for call tracking and collection
of marketing analytical data
Alloka is a tool for gathering marketing analytical data, which allows one to understand, which specific clicks in response to ads result in customers' calls. This method reduces the cost of attracting new clients and makes it possible to avoid extra costs of the advertising budget.

My role: mentor, first investor

Result: living and evolving project
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